22-24 MAY 2018

Chief Marketing Officer in a digital world?

23/05/2018   11:20 - 11:40

CDO Summit

Inspiration Arena

Digital transformation has become a high priority for European companies who are eager to innovate, stay agile and set real time customer expectations. But what does this mean for CMO or CDO as part of their endless journey to meet customer satisfaction? How can a CDO work with other stakeholders to embrace this new data-driven paradigm and paradox where customers want at the same time to be connected with a personalized experience without being tracked? What is the best way to create value for legacy companies throughout their digital transformation? Xavier Perret, Chief & Digital Marketing Officer of OVH will explain best practices and share experience how OVH, a fully native digital company being one of the worldwide cloud leader is organizing itself to expand and answer its customer needs.


Alezeya Sánchez




Xavier Perret

Chief Digital Marketing Officer


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