22-24 MAY 2018

Customer Journeys for the New Generations

23/05/2018   16:20 - 16:40

Digital Marketing Planet

Digital Marketing Planet

Today, a fourth of the world population is under 20 years old: the Generation Z.
In a few years Generation Z will become the largest buying power in the world to consume goods and services… and they will do it so differently to previous generations that their purchasing behavior can be considered a game-changing event.
Companies able to first understand then provide the right Customer Experience (CX) to this generation will get more than long-term loyal customers: they will get promoters.
You know what? Best CX are built upon flawless Customer Journeys.
Come with me to see how it works.


Craig Thatcher

Branding Specialist and Author



Pablo Carvajal

VP Business Strategy and Sales Enablement Communications and Marketing Services

Xerox Corporation

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