22-24 MAY 2018

The keywords are dead, long live the Keywords

22/05/2018   17:00 - 17:20

Digital Marketing Planet

Digital Marketing Planet

The world of SEO is continually evolving to provide people searching online with the best possible answer. This means that we use keywords to try and adapt our website and content in order to attract visitors. Keywords are the most important part of our SEO strategy because keywords are the SERPs language, but what if this language changed and no-one noticed? If we adapted to those changes why aren’t we seeing the results we were supposed to see? Let’s take a look at the last steps in the SEO evolution and check how can we really adapt our strategy to get the most out of it.


Chris Combemale

Co-Chair of FEDMA and CEO of DMA UK



Joaquín Flores

Territory Manager Spain & Portugal


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