22-24 MAY 2018

Content Services as the new starting point of the Digital Transformation

22/05/2018   16:20 - 16:40

Digital Marketing Planet

Digital Marketing Planet

Following recent publications, near 72% of the companies that started a Digital Transformation program was due to their clients’ pressure or even to try to keep their competitiveness among their competitors. This, could point to an “passive”, “imitation” or a “me-too” strategy.
This kind of strategies, following some authors, leads to lots of unfocused tactics; one of them, the less “barrier-entry” one, is Content Marketing which nowadays, in many cases, it is consider as a routinary or commodity product. This fact is considered as one of the seeds that have created a bubble of inversion in Content Marketing getting poor results. Gartner stated, on Jan 2017, that “ECM is now dead (kaput, finite, an ex-market name)”.
But Content Management has evolved to “Content Services” putting it in again the middle. Even Gartner again, on March 2017, stated “Reinventing ECM: Introducing Content Services Platforms and Applications”.
But, Where Digital Transformation and Content Management Intersect?
In some cases, following many authors, we could state that Content Management is the surprisingly obvious starting point for digital transformation. Which are these cases?


Chris Combemale

Co-Chair of FEDMA and CEO of DMA UK



David López

Managing Partner

Fhios Smart Knowledge

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