22-24 MAY 2018

Turning IoT devices security into a priority

24/05/2018   12:40 - 13:20

IOT Series

R-Evolution Theatre

Are security IoT issues are solvable? The complexity of managing a sensorised environment with the proliferation of billions of interconnected devices increases. Besides it has a direct impact on the high and sustained growth of some associated threads and security problems.
Attacks on IoT devices rocketed to over 280% in 2017 but with a connectivity first as general mindset unquantifiable risks arise at a fast pace. Security Awareness is not enough but the urgency of a needed development of a security solid foundation and analyses culture must prevail. Which is the ideal roadmap every IoT provider, developer and manufacturer should address to build a trust IoT market.



Román Ramírez

Fundador de RootedCON, Be Real Talent y Gerente de Operaciones y Arquitectura de Seguridad en Ferrovial


Fernando Monzón

CTO everis IoT


David Cristóbal

Sales Manager


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