22-24 MAY 2018

Technology to measure sports athletes emotions

24/05/2018   12:20 - 12:40

IOT Series

R-Evolution Theatre

Seidor has developed a technological solution to track the challenge of the mountaineer Ferran Latorre to climb to the top of the world (Mt.Everest).
Using IoT devices to monitor the vital signs and climate conditions, satellite communications system and the SAP Cloud Platform; this solution was able to share the athlete emotional state and geoposition in real time.
It allowed Ferran’s fans to follow his adventure and be close to him. The fans were using social media (twitter) messages to support him according to his emotional state.
This technological solution allowed to create a very attractive Social Marketing campaign while fans were tracking Ferran’s attempt to reach the top of the world. On May, 27th 2017 Ferran completed his life challenge of climbing all the 14 peaks higher than 8000 metres on Earth.



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